What we do

The UConn Digital Experience Lab (DX Lab) explores the cutting edge of digital experience design, with a focus on emerging or under-explored technologies and methodologies. By engaging in project-based work and sponsored research, we aim to push the boundaries of user experience design while producing useful software products, internet-connected devices, and best practices in the interactive design space.



Large and mixed-format digital experience design

We work on multi platform and mixed-format experiences hoping to connect the physical and digital world.


Improving the digital experience of computer vision

We reseach and design for the future of human computer interaction to seamlessly capitalize on the processing power of computers.


IoT for home and business

Working to improve the internet of things for both personal and professional use to make lives and jobs easier through a digital lens.


Our Goal

The DX Lab approaches each project with the goal of learning something that will help practitioners in our field -- web designers, web developers, digital marketers, user experience professionals, and more -- do their jobs better.

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Address: University of Connecticut
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The DX Lab is currently seeking partnerships to explore unique areas of the digital experience design space.

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